Through painting I seek to connect the world we see to the world we cannot. The calm and wonder inspired by these encounters is what I would like to share.
Alister painting "Purple Lines"
I was born in Jamaica, raised in Canada.  The bedroom I grew up sleeping in was covered in Native Canadian and Jamaican artwork and fostered a love for the artwork of these two great nations.  I've been painting now for 20+ years. For most of these years my paintings were put away in a basement storage room and never saw the light of day. I slowly began to share and show them to family and friends and was genuinely shocked to find that at least a few people liked them. The most rewarding part of this experience was witnessing a connection between an image and the viewer and to see that they experienced what I experienced in bringing an image to life.
I never planned on selling my art. One painting can take me more than a year and hundreds of hours to complete. For this reason, I couldn't part with the originals but wanted a way to share them with people who wanted these images in their lives.  I needed a method that would maintain the quality of the originals and provide the same viewing experience.  The Giclée process was the only option.